What is Craft Cannabis?


Craft cannabis is at the heart of British Columbia’s economic heritage.


Our guest today is Sarah Campbell, an apprentice herbalist and Director at the Craft Cannabis Association of BC. Sarah was born into a family of cannabis enthusiasts. Her involvement with the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, one of the first compassion clubs in Canada, inspired her ceaseless work to liberate cannabis, a natural medicine that should be accessible to those who suffer pain and other health issues and through the Craft Cannabis Association she works to support consumer-driven demand and emerging legislative models that support small and medium scale production in British Columbia.

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To get in touch with your local MLA to discuss cannabis, micro-licenses, craft cannabis, distribution, women in business or any other topic you think needs more attention click here for a list of Canadian MLAs.  

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With a long-standing tradition of quality and small batch production of specialized strains, BC is home to some of the most world-renowned cannabis. Learn more about the Craft Cannabis Association of BC and how you can get involved

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Episode Photo Art by Tim Gouw

Episode Edited by Brandon Mwendo