Where's The Data?


Exploring Research in Cannabis

Episode 8

In this episode of the High Friends Podcast, we do a deep dive into cannabis research, patient education and advocacy with Sabrina Ramkellawan Researcher, Patient Advocate and Founder/CEO of The Canadian Institute for Medical Advancement and VP Clinical Affairs TerrAscend a Canadian licensed producer of medical cannabis. 

Check out these resources and upcoming events to learn more about advancements in medical cannabis research, new information and studies:


Sabrina Ramkellawan has a nursing background and has been working in clinical research for more than 15 years which has included conducting clinical trials to bring new drugs, treatments and devices to market. Her start in the cannabis industry began three years ago when she was able to work directly with patients who shared their personal experiences (anecdotal evidence) after using medical cannabis. Sabrina brings her expertise to the industry by helping to build evidence through research studies. Her work focuses on cannabis research, patient advocacy and education. 


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Produced by Gill Polard and Rachel Colic

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