The Complexity of Chronic Pain and Cannabis

high friends dr ahmed chronic pain and cannabis

Dr. Ahmed is a practising clinical Anesthesiologist in Alberta and Ontario with specialist training in Interventional Chronic Pain Management and Cannabinoid Medicine. As a budding entrepreneur, Dr. Ahmed developed the medical clinic “The Health Boutique” in 2014 to pursue her passion of providing holistic and compassionate postoperative chronic pain management solutions to her community. She started a small practice in Toronto and concurrently began a scope of practice change to interventional chronic pain management. She completed 500 hours of chronic pain training and a research project titled “The Role of Medical Cannabis in the Chronic Pain Epidemic in Canada”. Her white paper 80-page document was submitted to the City of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of Health and served as a foundation of information for city councillors and ministry employees regarding medical cannabis. Her knowledge in medical cannabis and its application in treatment for chronic pain inspired her to remove her own bias against it and she now openly supports the use of medical cannabis for all pain patients.

Listen in as Dr. Ahmed and Rachel discuss how medical cannabis is changing the lives of chronic pain patients.

In our intro to this episode, we discuss the Canadian Cannabis Awards and Cannabis TV. See the links to learn more about each:

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