Being A BossLady In A Man's World

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Lyn Bravo is the co-founder of Green Relief.  She spearheaded the company’s initiative to grow cannabis using Aquaponics, ensuring Green Relief’s environmental footprint would be minimal.  Lyn is also a Landscape Architect and has built backyard oasis’ throughout Southwestern Ontario.  

Lyn is also the host of Dead Set on Living, a lifestyle podcast that takes you off the beaten path of health and wellness and highlights unique ways to live a longer, stronger, and more fulfilling life . You’ll hear about the three years of research she and her team at Green Relief did prior to setting up shop as a licensed producer focused exclusively on the medical market.

Lyn has a dream to feed the world through aquaponics and has a wealth of experience navigating leaderships roles in traditionally male dominated industries so its no wonder her colleagues call her the "Velvet Steamroller". 

Image credit: Ageist

Image credit: Ageist

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