Can CBD Oil Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

You have just successfully cleared your job interview, and have received acceptance letter from a reputable company. Now all that you have to deal with is to ensure that you clear that mandatory drug test that is administered by most organizations. Now, you might be wondering: can CBD oil cause you to fail drug tests? The prevalent use of this alternative medicine has raised concerns for several potential candidates who want to ensure that they secure the desired job designation without facing any potential rejections during the drug test.

This non-intoxicating cannabis extract is considered a staple medicine nowadays to relief chronic pain and discomfort, as it doesn’t put you in a mind-altering state of feeling “high”, unlike other marijuana compounds.

How CBD Drug Test Works?

Ensuring a drug-free workplace is one of the major concerns for managers in the current corporate environment, as they are responsible to stay compliant with the local rules and regulations related to the consumption of recreational or medicinal drugs. Despite the legality of various hemp extracts in some states, a particular employer might not tolerate cannabis usage in the workplace, and the employees have to ensure that they don’t violate any policies.

As far as CBD drug tests are concerned, the main element that would be inspected during the scrutiny is the presence of THC in any given sample. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is considered the main culprit that influences all the psychological and mind-altering effects of CBD products. Most legal jurisdictions only allow a maximum of up to 0.3% THC during the drug test, and any amount exceeding that would result in immediate rejection for the candidate.

Urine testing is commonly administered in most corporations to detect the presence of psychoactive chemicals in the body of the prospective employees. The amount of THC should not exceed the barrier of 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) during the pee test. To reach such a concentration level, an individual would have to ingest up to 2000 mg of CBD drugs per day, which is a highly unlikely barrier to cross for most moderate users.

How Cannabidiol Might Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

With the high demand of cannabis extracts in the market, most licensed farmers are harvesting hemp plants that are engineered in a manner that keeps the concentration of the stoner compound THC to the minimum 0.3% barrier. Despite the fact that FDA has not approved most of the hemp-based CBD products that are being touted for their medicinal benefits, last year the regulatory authority approved the distribution of a specific CBD drug in its purest form, which was manufactured to keep the uncontrolled signs of seizures and epilepsy disorders in check.

Cross-contamination is another factor that can greatly increase your chances of ending up with a positive drug trust. This means that if you unwittingly consume an item that contains small traces of THC, and at the same time you are using CBD products, then this can result in the flow of CBD compounds in your blood sample or urine.

The fat-soluble nature of THC compounds makes them highly susceptible to being stored in the fat deposits of your body for few days, which can make it easier to affect your drug test. The manner in which our body metabolizes this marijuana compound makes it highly likely to stay in the system for a few days until it is fully flushed out. Detection window can also be greatly impacted by the level of moderation to which you consume marijuana, as a weekly recreational consumer is more likely to retain in their lipid stores compared to that of a seasonal smoker.

The sensitivity of the examination tools in the laboratory can also be a deciding factor to ensure whether you have to worry about facing a rejection from your dreamed company. Gender-wise female participants are more prone to retaining THC chemicals in their body because of the presence of greater amount of fat deposits in their body compared to the muscle mass percentage.

How to Avoid Failing The Drug Test?

From mislabeled CBD products to unregulated over-the-counter cannabis-based drugs, there are various things that can increase your likelihood of ending up with a positive drug test. You should also only contain bona fide licensed suppliers in your area that provide top notch isolate or full spectrum extracts, so that you can expect to get pure CBD products that contain minimum concentration of THC.

People who tend to be dehydrated throughout the day are also at a great risk of carrying high concentrations of THC traces in their blood, and it is strongly advised to increase your water intake a few days ahead of the expected drug test date. You also have to actively increase your metabolism by joining the local gym or taking part in other physical activity, as that would make your body more efficient at excreting the toxic substances through sweating process. You might also have to make dietary changes on a long-term basis, as this compound can even be detectable in your body up to 30 days. You might have to ditch edibles that are high in fats or sugar, as that would make it difficult for your body to burn them for energy utilization during the digestion process. You should not take the risk of putting your career under jeopardy by making wrong choices regarding your daily food intake, and you might have to watch out for triggers that can have pernicious influence on the upcoming drug test.

You might be using CBD product to curb chronic pain induced after a surgery or a sharp lower back pain triggered due to poor posture. No matter what the case, you just have to ensure to purchase your cannabis-related drugs from a certified supplier, so that you can keep all the unwanted symptoms of insomnia or epilepsy at bay without having to worry about facing rejections from a company.

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