CBD Oil Diffuser

CBD or cannabinoid is a byproduct of the cannibas plant. Widely known for its medicinal benefits, CBD is being used in various products all around the world. Discovered in 1940, this compound is known to counter the alleviation of various diseases including depression, anxiety, acne, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. Thus, many patients swear by this product.

CBD Oil diffusers have gained popularity over the last few years. Previously this compound was only being consumed orally however, now it is also used as an essential oil in aromatherapy. The dispersive nature of essential oils is thought to have vital mediating effects. Therefore, while the use of CBD Oil in this process is new, the concept of aromatherapy dates back to thousands of years.

Types of Diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffusers

This is the most common type of diffuser and can be easily found in the market. It relies on the ready supply of water; when an ultrasonic wave passes through the water, it causes the water to form a mist of droplets. These droplets carry the scent of the essential oil inside them which are then dispersed throughout the room.

These diffusers are typically cheap and disposable. They work as long as there is water inside them, once they dry out the diffuser is of no use. While there are refillable types in the market, you are most likely to buy a new one each time.

One of the downsides of this diffuser is that it carries a diluted scent of the essential oil. This means that you might not be able to diffuse a strong scent. However, if you are into subtle scents, this diffuser will work best for you.


This diffuser works through the process of “nebulization”. In this process, the compressed air or oxygen causes the suspension to break down into minute aerosol droplets. These aerosol droplets can then be inhaled with the help of a mouthpiece or depending on the proximity of the nebulizer.

This type of diffuser is best for medicinal purposes however, it is quite expensive.

Choosing a Diffuser For CBD Oil

If you are looking to gain the health benefits of CBD Oil, that can only be done using a nebulizer. As explained above the aerosol droplets of this diffuser can be inhaled using a mouth piece. Thus, if you don’t want to take CBD Oil orally, this is another great way to make sure that the oil is providing you some vital health benefits. Many people use CBD Oil in diffusers to relive any sort of pain.

In contrast, using an Ultrasonic diffuser for CBD Oil is of no use; especially if you are looking into it in terms of its health benefits. Even if you wish to diffuse the smell of cannibas around the house, this type of diffuser cannot do much. This is because of the heavy nature of the molecular particle of cannbinoid.

Even after taking into account the benefits of a nebulizer, studies show that CBD Oil is best taken orally. This is because the compound you might inhale using a nebulizer may be diluted. However, if you take the oil orally, you will not only be taking in a pure form of the product but in fact, the benefits are much greater and appear must faster.

CBD as an Essential Oil

While diffusing CBD may seem like a fast and easy way to gain its medicinal benefits, the facts display a somewhat different picture. The molecular weight of a cannabinoid is substantially higher in comparison to a scent molecule that you typically disperse in the air. Thus, through the process, the cannabinoid molecules are most likely to stay behind even after the process of dispersion is complete.

If you still wish to use CBD as an essential oil, make sure you never use it in the form of a tincture. Although CBD Oil and tincture may sound like the same thing, they are not. In a tincture, the extract is suspended in an alcoholic solution and if diffused in the air, it can cause some serious problems. Therefore, before buying CBD for your diffuser, ask the attendant to give you CBD in the form of oil.

Why Use CBD Oil?

CBD Oil has is being used as a natural alternative all around the world. It is has been proven to reduce chronic inflammation or pain in many patients, especially those suffering from cancer.

Our body has two receptors for cannabinoids, these receptors are known as CB1 and CB2.The CB1 receptors present in our brain control movements, emotions, pain and moods.THC found in cannabinoids attaches itself to these receptors and ensures proper functioning.

The CB2 receptors are present in our immune system and are responsible for any type of pain and inflammation. Since our body also produces its own cannabinoids, the intake of CBD directs the body to use its own cannabinoids to reduce pain and inflammation.

Evidence also suggests that the intake of CBD has also helped people quit smoking. Similarly, other studies show that CBD might be a promising treatment for those suffering from anxiety, depression or other neurological disorders.


CBD Oil no doubt has many medicinal benefits however, it cannot be used in place of another allopathic medicine that may be prescribed to you by the doctor. Before consuming CBD in any form, even as an essential oil it is best to consult the doctor. This is because a different dose of the product has different effects on the body. Moreover, CBD has the tendency of reacting with other medicines which can be quite dangerous. Thus, it is important that you ensure that your medicines are compatible with CBD.

Similarly, the quality of the CBD Oil is another detail you cannot miss out on. Since the product has come out in the market, many manufacturers have emerged. It is essential that you choose a high quality oil to attain its health benefits. The wrong types can be injurious to your health. Furthermore, look out for the extraction method used as it plays a major role in determining the quality of the compound extracted.

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