CBD Oil Dosage For Crohn’s Disease – How Can It Be Used For The Treatment of IBD?

According to an estimate about 3 million people in the US are currently victims of IBD, or inflammatory bowel diseases, which can take a toll on the gastrointestinal health and GI tract of the patients. Not only can this affect the level of nutrient absorption your body can carry out but it can lead to other unwanted symptoms, such as excessive weight loss, fatigue, and diarrhea.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

Living with a chronic ailment can be quite troublesome for the sufferers, as they have to come up with preventive and treatment strategies that can help them keep the painful signs and symptoms at bay in a sustainable manner. There is no scientific method to figure out the likelihood of a person to get this disease, but various surveys show that someone with a family history or genetic trait is more likely to get affected by it. It basically has to do with the entire mechanism of digestion and excretion that is initiated as soon as you place food in your mouth. People that are genetically predisposed to this condition usually tend to have a compromised immune system – which attacks the tissue and cells of the GI tract as invaders to the body. This in turn causes a deterioration effect on the intestinal walls and colon surface, which makes your body inefficient at properly digesting the food you consume on a daily basis.

Many Levels of IBD Treatment

With its increased risk of mortality, the victims of inflammatory bowel disease should be highly cautious while making changes in their medical treatment routine, because a minor inflammation flare-up can worsen things for them to a great extent. Let’s be honest, we all want to ensure to avoid going through a critical surgery as long as we can, and therefore you should always perform close inspections and gather trusted references before taking the plunge of introducing a new over-the-counter drug to your plan.

It is almost impossible to make an accurate prognosis about the reason why you got this disease in the first place, which might be a source of frustration to many individuals. Whether it has something to do with your DNA or eating lifestyle, what matters is that you need to figure out ways that would provide your long-term relief. When it comes to dealing with pain management in the modern times, most health experts are slowly acknowledging the profound benefits of cannabis extracts and compounds that can help ease up various issues, such as stomach cramps, nausea, and loss of appetite.

What Are Cannabis And Cannabinoids?

The non-psychoactive extracts of marijuana can be used to react with the endocannabinoid system in our body – which is directly responsible for regulating the function of pain receptors and other sensory functions that can influence over mood and wellbeing. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD extracts don’t have those typical mind-altering functions that can give you the feeling of “high”. Their pain-relieving functions can be used to alleviate intolerable symptoms of diseases, such as migraine or other neurodegenerative problems. Due to lack of research regarding the usage of CBD to treat Crohn’s disease, many consumers might fall victims of placebo effect, which means that might experience that their pain has subsided just because they saw or heard other people stating its benefits.

Using CBD to Manage IBD Symptoms

Pre-clinical evidence show the myriad of positive effects that endocannabinoid compounds have on the gastrointestinal tract, as it can deactivate various pain receptors along the channel and it can also be used to keep symptoms related to intestinal hypermotility  at bay. For patients that are suffering from an advanced stage of Crohn’s disease, a broad spectrum extract might be recommended as they are more efficient at synthesizing the reactive molecules throughout the inflamed gut portion.

For severe conditions, such as perforations in the intestinal walls – which are caused due to the long-term occurrence of ulcers in a particular area – your health expert might prescribe CBD isolate. This is one of the purest forms of hemp extracts that is available in the form of powder and you can orally take it to observe potential benefits.

How Do You Determine Dosage?

Taking CBD extracts with high potency might not bode well with patients that have a chronic ailment related to their GI tract, and it is recommended to gradually increase the dosage in relation to the manner your body is reacting to it. The level of CBD tolerance and intensity of pain can also impact the dosage for a particular patient. In a research conducted to study the effects and implications of cannabis extracts for IBD patients, a concentration of 50 mg of CBD oil was given to participants, and it was observed that they showed early signs of recovery compared to the other group that was under the influence of placebo effect.

In order to experience the feelings and sensations of relaxation and pain relief according to full extent the bodyweight of an individual can be a key factor when deciding appropriate dosage. Lightweight people might be more prone to show positive signs after consuming CBD with low concentration.

While ingesting THC or CBD extracts, the patients should always remain cautious regarding the source from which they are buying their over-the-counter or prescribed drugs, as it is always better to opt for addition-free solutions. Because of the fact that is not approved by FDA, the consumers should not plan to depend upon the soothing effects of marijuana extracts, as it would be very difficult for your body to deal with the intense pain on your own once you withdraw from CBD consumption. You might also have to practice numerous dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments to fully reap the benefits of this non-psychoactive drug against your gastrointestinal condition on a long-term basis.

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