Perverted by Prohibition


"We have to get back to the garden"

Episode 1

Is cannabis bad for the environment? How do we nurture small business after prohibition ends in Canada? Gill speaks to Kelly Coulter about what sustainable growing looks like and how cultivators can use natural resources for better results. Rachel talks to Lisa Campbell about supporting small enterprise and making space for everyone.


Leafly called Lisa Campbell "a badass lady in the cannabiz" because she's worked extensively in international drug policy over the years as the Outreach Director for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, She is the founding Chairwoman of Women Grow Toronto and a co-founder of Green Market Toronto.

Check out Green Market Toronto to learn more.


Kelly Coulter is the most published writer on the subject of environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation in Canada.  She has been working in this space for over 15 years.

She is a trained journalist and has worked in media and communications throughout her life.  She is one of the two women who met with Justin Trudeau in 2012 who he consequently credited with convincing him to legalize and regulate cannabis. Visit her website here.



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Episode Photo Art by Andrew Neel

Episode Edited by Brandon Mwendo